Virginia is for Lovers

Who ever discovered that phrase in the first place is a genius, because Virginia is really for lovers.

Every day 9 to 5 job can be boring, but there are little things before, after or throughout the day that make it interesting. Personally, I love it when someone makes me smile right when I get to the metro station in Vienna from university campus. There are two men who give out Express newspapers every day at the entrance. Normally in the mornings, I walk with eyes half closed and headphones plugged into my ears. Whenever someone or anyone smiles at me or says good morning, I kindly smile or wave back. That is it because I’m not in the mood for a small talk on my way to work. But those two men, they do not give up.

I have never experienced such warmth and well wishes from anyone who is a complete stranger. Every single morning I walk across the street to get to the metro center, I notice them handing out newspapers from a distance. As much as I try to ignore them and walk past them, they do not let me. Even though I have ear phone plugged in, have a grumpy face, hands inside my pockets, they still try to get my attention. I’m really not a bitch who ignores people; it is just the mornings that make me look like it. When someone really yells at me or tries so hard, I do look back at them with a smile. Sometimes that is not enough, they come to me and say “good morning beautiful, how you doing today?” Then comes my time to answer them and possibly ask them back the same question. Trust me, I do not even wish my suite mates good morning, when I see them while brushing teeth in the sink area. How the hell in the world do you expect me be all awake and wish them to have a great day ahead!

Yes, I feel very sorry. Every other day I want to stop by and actually talk to them. It just never happens though. Mostly because, I’m usually running on the edge of timing when it comes to waking up in the morning or catching a bus to work. The three days of the week I go to work, I take one bus in the mornings and every day it is the same bus driver. Even he doesn’t give up and says something nice to me every morning. This time I actually do not get to hear him because of the noises around me and the loud music blasting out in my ears. So, I just end up smiling back and keep walking like it is not my business. The other two men outside the bus though are very much different. They actually hug a few people every morning, have small talks with them. Today they were both standing a little towards the inside, and I didn’t see them when I was walking towards the metro station. I had a little heart break moment there because I have no clue why they are not outside handing out papers like every day. Once I walked in and saw them, I had a twinkle in my eye and a smile on my face. They both noticed me and came towards me. I even herd one of them saying “I got you today.”  Right after the other one came closer and said “good morning beautiful,” the first man gave a tap on my shoulder and said “you have a great day young lady.”

Guess what my reply was to both of them? A blushed face and a wide smile. I was actually pretty late today than usual and I had to walk fast in order to catch my bus, so that was my excuse. Feels wonderful how they do not know my name, or where I’m from or anything particular about me other than my facial features because they see me in person and still wish me with warmth every morning. Today I decided, when two men can do this every single day and bring smile on thousands of people’s faces, I can may be try to do that for one person a day. I will start with those two men itself. Getting up a half an hour early to bring coffee on a cold winter morning to these two men isn’t a bad idea! Or may be a thank note along with it would make it even better. Life is just so much better when you give it a try. Even with all those times when I felt like giving up everything and ending my life, the one thought that stops me is the “unknown part of life.” There is always something you can look forward to, and that can be as little as seeing the two men on the way to work who bring a smile to my face.


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